Rewind creates upcycled vintage jewelry by exposing the inner mechanics of 1800’s and 1900’s timepieces. Each one-of-a-kind piece has its’ own story.


All designs are created in Southern California by Carlos Montanaro & Team Rewind. 


We started creating this type of art because we are lovers of all things industrial. We create what we have passion for. Fascinated by the history, artistry and the importance of these pieces existing we find inspiration in mechanics; utilizing historic timepieces as a medium. 

We really enjoy what we create because we're big believers in showing people what they might be missing in the world. Our work is about taking something and putting it into a context where people see it as more important; turning normal things into a piece of art. We love the stories, the beauty and the craftsmanship of these celebrated pieces and we thrive on the challenge it poses to recreate & rework them into something that others can love as much as we do.

The people who inspire us most in this world are those who take a chance on something because they love what they're doing,